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911 Records from Morrow County Jail Show Callous Indifference Toward ICE Detainee Who Collapsed

Here is what we know about the ICE detainee who collapsed at Morrow County Correctional Facility (MCCF) on September 12, 2020. A man arrested by ICE was brought in to MCCF on or before September 11th, 2020. He was not isolated or tested for COVID-19. He was put into general population. (We are withholding his […]

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Morrow Co. Jail Risks Another Man’s Life

On Friday, September 11, a man who had recently been booked into the Morrow County Correctional Facility (MCCF) for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) began to complain that he could not breathe. There were no medical staff on duty, and the Corrections Officers did nothing to help him. He was listless and unable to […]

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Two Jailbreaks, One Suicide, and 100% COVID Infection Rate

How Can the Morrow County Correctional Facility Still Be Open? Mt. Gilead, OH – How much incompetence can one county jail exhibit, and continue to operate? Last night’s jail break from the Morrow County Correctional Facility should be the last straw.  Despite warnings this would happen, the Morrow County Correctional Facility (MCCF) became 100% COVID-positive […]

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Estela Juarez’ Appeal at DNC Shows Need for Return After Deportation – #ReuniteUS

Milwaukee, WI – Slate called it “The Most Gutting Part of the DNC’s Third Night,” which says a lot given the powerful address from Gabby Giffords, among other moments. But competition for human misery aside, Slate points out that “the issue where it was apparent Democrats have come the farthest in four years was immigration.” […]

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Act Now, Free Wilfred from ICE Jail!

Cameroon American Council & Partners Urge Community to Act Now, Free Wilfred from ICE Jail! Pine Prairie, LA – Unless something changes very soon, an Ohio military family fears their family member Wilfred could be deported to Cameroon, the country he fled that is embroiled in armed ethnic conflict, and killed. The Cameroon American Council […]

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Tramonte to US Commission on Civil Rights Re: Morrow County Jail-ICE Detention Failures

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights’ Ohio Advisory Council is seeking information about how federally-protected groups have been treated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tramonte of the Ohio Immigrant Alliance informed the Council about the deadly conditions at the Morrow County Correctional Facility, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) contract jail which houses immigrants detained under […]

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Update On Your COVID-19 Commissary Donations!

I wanted to update you incredible people about what we have done with the money you donated to detained immigrants’ commissary accounts during the COVID-19 pandemic! Thanks to your generous contributions, we raised $2,042! With this, we funded 14 people’s commissary accounts, some of them 2 or 3 times because they have no family to […]

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Responding to Biden-Sanders Task Force Recommendations on Immigration

“Our country is craving bold leadership that reflects our values of fairness, proportionality, inclusivity, and human dignity”  [NOTE: This statement has been updated to reflect a correction regarding the task force recommendations] Cleveland, OH – There are many strong policies in the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force policy recommendations on immigration, but there are also important […]

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With Cameroon in Crisis, US Unjustly Detains Weary Asylum-Seekers

They fled five armed conflicts and trekked thousands of miles from Cameroon to the United States, searching for freedom. Once here, they requested asylum and were thrown in jails and immigration detention centers across the southern United States. Read on to learn more about why so many people are running from this country, what happens […]

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Calling on the Democratic Party to Prioritize Return After Deportation

UPDATE:  The petition, signed by 408 people from Ohio and beyond, was delivered to the Democratic Party Platform Committee on July 14, 2020.  This petition signed by 408 individuals supports the inclusion of “return after deportation” in the 2020 Democratic Party platform. The Biden-Sanders unity task force included strong recommendations on this issue. We urge […]