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OHIA In The News! Cleveland Scene

Cleveland Scene published a profile about the work Lynn Tramonte does with the Ohio Immigrant Alliance in its annual “People” issue today. This follows a similar piece that ran in La Mega Nota earlier this month. “With the Plain Dealer and other local newspapers shedding staff or even closing, Scene and La Mega stand out […]

Deportation Detroit ICE Good News

VIDEO: OH Family Drives to MS to Deliver Supplies (Immigration Raids)

VIDEO: Ohio Family Drives to Mississippi to Deliver Supplies to Families Impacted by Recent Immigration Raids 16 year-old Natalia Alonso started “Losninosdecorsos” to help OH children in 2018 Fremont, OH – Ohio teenager Natalia Alonso is the subject of a compelling new documentary video by AJ+, which follows her and her family on the road […]


OHIA Joins 150 Groups Demanding Restoration of Medical Deferred Action

In August 2019, the Trump administration abruptly cancelled a “medical deferred action” program that made it possible for some immigrants to receive life-saving medical treatment in the United States. Ohio Immigrant Alliance joined 150 organizations in demanding the full restoration of this critical policy. The letter can be downloaded here.

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Many Black Mauritanians Now Home in Ohio, But Several Remain in Immigration Jail

Columbus, OH – One year ago, two dozen Black Mauritanians were detained in Ohio immigration jails. They were refugees from the genocide and state-sponsored violence in Mauritania during the late 1980s/early 1990s. They had lived in the United States for decades, raising families, starting businesses, buying homes, and paying taxes.   They were working legally, with […]

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Current Events in Mauritania: Shocking Abuses of Human Rights

Refugees are fleeing slavery and torture in Mauritania today–while the U.S. government is deporting people back to these very same abuses. This outline from the Ohio Immigrant Alliance reviews recent political events in Mauritania that show its ruling government’s utter disrespect for human and civil rights. RECENT EVENTS IN MAURITANIA: A TIMELINE UPDATED: August 26, […]

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Letter to Congress: Repeal ’96 Immigration Laws

Ohio Immigrant Alliance and other Ohio organizations signed on to an open letter to Congress calling for the repeal core provisions of the 1996 immigration laws that created he deportation and enforcement machine in force today. Over 240 organizations signed onto the letter. The initiative was lead by SEARAC. Open Letter to Congress – FINAL

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Cold as ICE: Adducci’s “Appetite for Destruction” of OH & MI Families

Cleveland, OH – Rebecca Adducci is notorious in all the bad ways. She is Field Office Director of Detroit ICE, the government agency responsible for “immigration enforcement” in Ohio and Michigan. In a new fact sheet, Ohio Immigrant Alliance provides an exhaustive list of the cruel, incompetent, and dangerous decisions Adducci and her agents have […]

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Scene Magazine on Mauritanian Deportations

Ohio Community Leaders in Cleveland Scene: Mauritanian Deportations, Human Rights Abuses Can No Longer Be Kept Secret Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Scene just published a must-read article about the deportation crisis that Ohio families of Mauritanian background are living today. Read or listen to the full story here. Reporter Sam Allard deftly weaves through the […]

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Freedom Center’s Community Conversation on Mauritania

US Deportations and Modern-Day Slavery in Mauritania Cincinnati, OH – On May 11, 2019, the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center hosted a panel discussion entitled “Community Conversations: US Deportations and Modern-Day Slavery in Mauritania.”  View photos from the event here. Museum-goers and members of the greater Ohio community heard from Mauritanian leaders about the human […]