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Responding to Biden-Sanders Task Force Recommendations on Immigration

“Our country is craving bold leadership that reflects our values of fairness, proportionality, inclusivity, and human dignity”  Cleveland, OH – There are many strong policies in the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force policy recommendations on immigration, but there are also important omissions. The Ohio Immigrant Alliance urges the Democratic Party’s Platform Committee to expand on these […]

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With Cameroon in Crisis, US Unjustly Detains Weary Asylum-Seekers

They fled five armed conflicts and trekked thousands of miles from Cameroon to the United States, searching for freedom. Once here, they requested asylum and were thrown in jails and immigration detention centers across the southern United States. Read on to learn more about why so many people are running from this country, what happens […]

Deportation Detroit ICE Justice

Calling on the Democratic Party to Prioritize Return After Deportation

Cleveland, OH – A new article by Julia Preston with The Marshall Project follows three Ohio families attempting to navigate life after a loved one’s deportation. In brief, this is what happened:  Seleste Hernandez is now the sole caregiver for her 30-year-old son Juan, barely able to haul his 140-pound frame from his bed to […]

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ALERT: Call Morrow County + Tell Them to Close the Jail Due to COVID!

The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Morrow County Jail plans to start accepting new inmates, including ICE detainees, on June 17. This is unacceptable! The jail has failed to address the problems that turned it into a 100% COVID hotspot in the first place. Public health is at risk if this jail continues to operate. […]

Deportation Detroit ICE Justice Mauritanian Campaign

Houleye Thiam On Immigration Jail at “Break Down the Walls”

On June 6, Ohio Prisoners Justice League held a sit-in and Jericho Walk at the Ohio Statehouse, to draw attention to the COVID crisis going on behind bars in Ohio’s prisons and jail. Houleye Thiam, President of the Mauritanian Network for Human Rights in US (MNHRUS) addressed the crowd about the problems with immigration detention. Watch […]

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Morrow Co. Commissioner Whiston: “I personally sold thermometers to the jail”

You can’t make this stuff up. On June 8, we met with Morrow County Commissioner Tom Whiston to talk about the systemic failures at the Morrow County Jail, and present him with a petition to close the jail signed by 374 concerned Americans. Commissioner Whiston waffled between telling us he’s not in a position of […]

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10 Year-Old to Morrow Co. Commissioner: “You’re Not Even Paying Attention”

On June 8, a group of us met with Morrow County Commissioner Tom Whiston to talk about problems at the jail that led it to become 100% COVID-infected. It was a heated exchange, in which the Commissioner disputed all of our facts documented in a report using publicly-available evidence. My daughter Lucia, ten years old, […]

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Morrow Co. Responds to Having 100% COVID-Positive Jail

In response to the Ohio Immigrant Alliance report about the multiple ways Morrow County Correctional Facility (MCCF) violated its Infectious Disease Control Plan and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) National Detention Standards, causing the jail to become 100% COVID-positive, the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office and Health District issued a joint press release today. They […]

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NEW REPORT: Morrow Co. Failures Led to Mass Illness, Death

Morrow County Jail Ignored Multiple Protocols in COVID-19 Pandemic, Leading to 100% Positive Facility Mt. Gilead, OH – A new analysis from the Ohio Immigrant Alliance shows that during the COVID-19 pandemic,  the Morrow County Correctional Facility failed to follow its own Infectious Disease Control Program (IDCP), as well as the National Detention Standards required […]

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374 People Sign Petition to Close Morrow Jail

Three hundred and seventy-four individuals from Ohio and beyond signed a petition to the Commissioners of Morrow County, Ohio, demanding closure of the Morrow County Correctional Facility due to public health concerns: The COVID crisis at the Morrow County Jail cannot be fixed. The jail is completely infected, and Sheriff Hinton has failed in his […]