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Update On Your COVID-19 Commissary Donations!

I wanted to update you incredible people about what we have done with the money you donated to detained immigrants’ commissary accounts during the COVID-19 pandemic! Thanks to your generous contributions, we raised $2,042! With this, we funded 14 people’s commissary accounts, some of them 2 or 3 times because they have no family to […]

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Will Gov. DeWine Acknowledge COVID-19 Vulnerability of Immigration Detainees?

Columbus, OH – Governor DeWine has hinted that a plan to reduce the spread of COVID-19 in Ohio jails and prisons may be coming–albeit weeks too late. Four county jails in Ohio–Butler, Morrow, Geauga, and Seneca–currently house federal immigration detainees (people being held due to civil violations).  “There is absolutely no reason why immigrants need […]

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QUOTES: “Don’t let us die in here” – Inmates Speak Out on COVID-19

Read on for quotes from Americans and immigrants living in jails during the COVID-19 crisis. A common theme is feeling that they are being left to die. Doctors and family members have also called for their release. #FreeThemAll4PublicHealth Download the document here: In Their Own Words_April 2020 In Their Own Words Incarcerated People Talk About […]

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On Jail Release, DeWine and Acton’s Failure to Act is Costing Lives

Columbus, OH – In today’s daily press briefing, Governor Mike DeWine laid out a half-hearted plan in response to criticism of his handling of jails and prisons during the COVID-19 crisis.  Medical doctors, judges, and even sheriffs have been warning that the mass release of incarcerated people is vital to preventing uncontrollable outbreaks in jails […]

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QUOTES: Families Worry About Incarcerated Loved Ones During COVID-19

“I know to some in this world, they are just inmates. But this particular inmate is my world.” – the wife of man currently incarcerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on for more quotes from loved ones filled with worry and despair as incarcerated people are left to fend for themselves and try to avoid […]

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State Must Step In Before COVID-19 Takes Over Ohio Jails

Cleveland, OH – While doctors, judges, and even sheriffs warn that the mass release of incarcerated people is necessary to prevent uncontrollable COVID-19 outbreaks in jails and prisons, the State of Ohio continues to ignore their cries.  “Why is Governor DeWine ignoring or rejecting sound medical advice?” asked Lynn Tramonte, Director of the Ohio Immigrant […]

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Quotes: DECARCERATE Before COVID-19 Takes Over Our Jails, Prisons, and Immigration Detention Centers

Doctors, judges, and other experts are urging a dramatic reduction in our nation’s incarcerated population in order to prevent a massive outbreak of COVID-19 in U.S. jails and prisons. Some counties have begun to take the initiative, but in the name of public health, the response needs to be scaled up dramatically and include federal […]

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Ohioans Call on State and Local Agencies to Release Incarcerated People in Name of Public Health

On March 24, we sent a community letter signed by 14 statewide organizations, 44 local groups, and 336 individuals to the Governor of Ohio and key health agencies and sheriffs departments. On April 8, we updated it to include more than 60 organizations and 374 Ohioans. The letter lays out the following steps that federal, […]

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Press Call 3/24: Immigration Platform for COVID-19 Response

Cleveland, OH – Thousands of doctors have warned that jails and immigration detention centers would become a “tinderbox” of disease if COVID-19 is allowed to enter. In the name of public health, they are urging federal, state, and local officials to dramatically reduce the number of incarcerated people ASAP. In Ohio, hundreds of immigrants are […]

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“Simply Stunning” and “Medically Dangerous” to Keep Ohio Immigrants in Jail During COVID-19

State Should Not Let Feds Dictate Public Health Priorities Cleveland, OH – In the battle against COVID-19, more and more courts in Ohio are declining to incarcerate people, or are releasing them from jails, in the name of public health. Thousands of doctors and medical professionals have warned that dramatically reducing the jail population is […]