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Estela Juarez’ Appeal at DNC Shows Need for Return After Deportation – #ReuniteUS

Milwaukee, WI – Slate called it “The Most Gutting Part of the DNC’s Third Night,” which says a lot given the powerful address from Gabby Giffords, among other moments. But competition for human misery aside, Slate points out that “the issue where it was apparent Democrats have come the farthest in four years was immigration.” […]

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“The fruits of their labor are on our tables; we owe it to them to have their backs”

Ohio Immigrant Alliance reacts to Wooster Daily Record series on COVID in Ohio meatpacking plants Canton, OH – The Wooster Daily Record’s three-part series on COVID outbreaks in Ohio protein processing plants shows that Ohioans continue to benefit from the hard work of immigrants and native-born meat packers, while employers fail to provide for their […]