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Letter to Congress: Repeal ’96 Immigration Laws

Ohio Immigrant Alliance and other Ohio organizations signed on to an open letter to Congress calling for the repeal core provisions of the 1996 immigration laws that created he deportation and enforcement machine in force today. Over 240 organizations signed onto the letter. The initiative was lead by SEARAC. Open Letter to Congress – FINAL

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World Refugee Day Rally + March in CLE

WORLD REFUGEE DAY RALLY AND MARCH IN CLEVELAND Local Refugees and Advocates Call for Compliance with UN Convention on Refugees WHEN: 4:00PM, June 20, 2019 WHERE: Anthony Celebrezze Federal Building, 1240 East Ninth St. CONTACT: Don Bryant – 216.255.1576 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE June 18, 2019 The Greater Cleveland Immigrant Support Network, Friends of Immigrants Lake […]

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OHIA Joins Opposition to Cleveland Police Decisions

Today the ACLU of Ohio released a letter urging Cleveland to continue on a path of reform and reject recent developments that would disrupt progress, including participation in the DOJ’s National Public Safety Partnership and the possible reinstatement of Timothy Loehmann, the officer who killed Tamir Rice. Lynn Tramonte, Director of Ohio Immigrant Alliance, said: […]

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Cold as ICE: Adducci’s “Appetite for Destruction” of OH & MI Families

Cleveland, OH – Rebecca Adducci is notorious in all the bad ways. She is Field Office Director of Detroit ICE, the government agency responsible for “immigration enforcement” in Ohio and Michigan. In a new fact sheet, Ohio Immigrant Alliance provides an exhaustive list of the cruel, incompetent, and dangerous decisions Adducci and her agents have […]

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Scene Magazine on Mauritanian Deportations

Ohio Community Leaders in Cleveland Scene: Mauritanian Deportations, Human Rights Abuses Can No Longer Be Kept Secret Cleveland, OH – Cleveland Scene just published a must-read article about the deportation crisis that Ohio families of Mauritanian background are living today. Read or listen to the full story here. Reporter Sam Allard deftly weaves through the […]