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Council Member Liz Brown’s Statement on Morrow County Jail

On May 18 Liz Brown, Columbus City Council President Pro Tempore, sent a letter to the Morrow County Health Commissioner expressing her concern over the conditions in the Morrow County Correctional Facility, which affect Columbus residents detained there for ICE.

“Without improvements, these conditions imperil incarcerated people, corrections officers, their families, the broader Morrow County community, and the City of Columbus,” she writes. “Given the ongoing nature of these problems and the number of individuals being held at this facility, I believe it is advisable to release as many inmates and ICE detainees as possible, while maintaining public safety, to alleviate these conditions and allow for proper safety protocols to be implemented at the facility.”

Read the complete letter here.

5.18.20 Letter from Council Member Liz Brown RE: Morrow County Correctional Facility