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OHIA In The News! Cleveland Scene

Cleveland Scene published a profile about the work Lynn Tramonte does with the Ohio Immigrant Alliance in its annual “People” issue today. This follows a similar piece that ran in La Mega Nota earlier this month.

“With the Plain Dealer and other local newspapers shedding staff or even closing, Scene and La Mega stand out for their immigration and political coverage,” said Lynn. “Ohio is not always thought of as an ‘immigration’ state, because we do not have the numbers of a California or a Texas. But what people don’t know is that we do have one of the most aggressive deportation offices in the nation, and weak state and local policies that contribute to family insecurity. Thanks to Scene, La Mega, and a few other outlets across the state, Ohio immigrants’ stories are getting told. The grassroots is engaged and mobilizing. Now, we need politicians and leaders to do their jobs and enact change.”