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VIDEO: OH Family Drives to MS to Deliver Supplies (Immigration Raids)

VIDEO: Ohio Family Drives to Mississippi to Deliver Supplies to Families Impacted by Recent Immigration Raids 16 year-old Natalia Alonso started “Losninosdecorsos” to help OH children in 2018 Fremont, OH – Ohio teenager Natalia Alonso is the subject of a compelling new documentary video by AJ+, which follows her and her family on the road […]

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Many Black Mauritanians Now Home in Ohio, But Several Remain in Immigration Jail

Columbus, OH – One year ago, two dozen Black Mauritanians were detained in Ohio immigration jails. They were refugees from the genocide and state-sponsored violence in Mauritania during the late 1980s/early 1990s. They had lived in the United States for decades, raising families, starting businesses, buying homes, and paying taxes.   They were working legally, with […]

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Ohioan & DACA Beneficiary Daniela Pierre-Bravo Helping Women to “Know Their Value”

With Mika Brzezinski, Ohioan & DACA Beneficiary Daniela Pierre-Bravo is Helping Women to “Know Their Value,” Advance in their Careers Cleveland, OH – Lima, Ohio native and DACA beneficiary Daniela Pierre-Bravo is out with her first book, co-authored with Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, entitled Earn It! Know Your Value and Grow Your Career, In […]

Deportation Detroit ICE Good News Mauritanian Campaign

Three Ohio Men from Mauritania Are Home Today

Youngstown, OH – Three Ohio men, born in Mauritania, are now home with their families–after spending between nine and thirteen months in immigration jail! Deep gratitude to Mark Heller of ABLE and CK Wang of WANGLAW for their skillful and tireless work on these men’s cases. This victory was also made possible through your donations […]