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Join the #FreeThemAll Car Rally on 4/24 in Columbus!

Friday, April 23, Ohio leaders are organizing a car rally in Columbus to demand the release of Ohio inmates and immigration detainees so that they do not catch COVID-19 in jail. The goal is to release “20,00ok in May” from Ohio’s vastly over-crowded jails and prisons. Meet at 11am at 15200 Westpointe Plaza Drive in Columbus; sign up here. Bring your own PPE, but some will be available.
Check out this video from a Cameroonian man in Columbus, who used to be detained in immigration jail. He is asking everyone to join the car rally on Friday to #FreeThemAll4PublicHealth, so that no one has to die from COVID-19 in an Ohio jail. He is a member of Cameroon American Council’s #AdvocateForDetainees.
Transcript: “Hey everyone, I am an immigrant from Cameroon who was detained for months in an immigration jail. Now, I live in freedom in Ohio. I’m asking you to please join the car rally on Friday because many immigrants are at risk of getting COVID-19 in jail and we want them all to be free. Thank you for massively participating in the car rally.”
Photo: River Valley Voices in Action @RiverOrganizing / UnHarming Ohio