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Ohioans Call on State and Local Agencies to Release Incarcerated People in Name of Public Health

On March 24, we sent a community letter signed by 14 statewide organizations, 44 local groups, and 336 individuals to the Governor of Ohio and key health agencies and sheriffs departments. On April 8, we updated it to include more than 60 organizations and 374 Ohioans.

The letter lays out the following steps that federal, state and local agencies need to take, “to ensure the health and safety of all Ohioans, including those who are incarcerated”:

  • Immediately and dramatically reduce the number of people in Ohio jails and prisons, including those detained under civil immigration laws; 
  • Suspend deportations, immigration arrests, and in-person ICE and USCIS appointments; 
  • Close the Cleveland Immigration Court; and 
  • Ensure inmates have access to free soap, hand sanitizer, health care, and phone and video calls.

Read the full letter below.