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OHIA Applauds Sen. Brown’s Action on Miller, Rep. Garcia’s New Way Forward Act

Ohio Immigrant Alliance Applauds Sen. Brown’s Bold Action on Stephen Miller, Rep. Garcia’s New Way Forward Act

Cleveland, OH – “I applaud Senator Sherrod Brown for calling for the removal of White House aide Stephen Miller,” said Lynn Tramonte, Director of the Ohio Immigrant Alliance. “This nation has a lot of reckoning to do, if we are going to become a place where equality is real and justice is for all. We cannot have white nationalists running our country if we want to get there.”

Senator Brown is part of a group of senators who sent a letter to President Trump demanding Miller’s dismissal. They write that what is driving Stephen Miller is “not national security, it’s white supremacy—something that has no place in our country, federal government, and especially not the White House.”

The letter follows a powerful editorial in the Columbus Dispatch, “America is not the bigoted fortress of Stephen Miller’s vision,” which delineates how Miller’s immigration policies have harmed children, families, and our nation’s reputation. “Miller’s dark vision of a fearful fortress, closed to all but the already fortunate, is not the idea of America that most Americans cherish,” states the editorial. “We can only hope that the better vision of America as a refuge from oppression survives until the Trump administration is history.” 

Also today, Reps. Chuy Garcia, Pressley, Jayapal, and Bass, among other Members of the House of Representatives, are introducing the New Way Forward Act. “The New Way Forward Act is a bold vision to remake U.S. immigration laws,” said Tramonte. “It would organize the immigration system in a way that is fair and finally representative of the values we claim.”  

Among the bill’s structural changes that inject due process and humanity into the immigration system, is a pathway for deported individuals to come home to the United States. This is a priority for the Ohio Immigrant Alliance, which has fought many deportation cases under the Trump administration that never should have happened.

“Bold vision and action are exactly what we need at this time,” said Tramonte. “America is paying attention to the problems that plague our immigration system in a new way. We support the call to remove white supremacy from the White House and pass the New Way Forward Act today,” Tramonte concluded. 

For more information on the New Way Forward Act, see this section-by-section summary and backgrounder.

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